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View the regulations of the Belvedere Village!

Arrival from 5 PM to 10 PM (late arrival possible with notice).
Departure from 7.30 AM to 10 AM (night departure before 7.30 AM possible with mandatory payment of final cleaning).
In case of late departure, an additional night will be billed.
For all accommodation units minimum stay is applied as per pricelist.
The daily rate includes price per night for the lodging and overnight stay for the number of persons indicated on pricelist in addition to parking for one car. Tourist tax is not included.
It is possible to request a specific accommodation unit number during booking, but we reserve the right to change the number of the accommodation assigned at any time we consider it necessary, even after the deposit has been paid and the confirmation has been sent.  The booking becomes binding only after the deposit has been paid and the confirmation has been sent. It is not possible to transfer the booking to a third-party without the authorization by the Direction. In case of late arrival or early departure all reserved days must be paid.
Guests who cancel their booking only have the right to a refund of the deposit paid if written cancellation is sent to the Resort at least 30 days before the date of arrival stated on their booking. For guests who cancel their booking with written notification sent to the Resort less than 30 days before the date of arrival stated on their booking and guests who do not turn up will have no right to a refund, the Resort will keep the paid deposit as penalty. In case of no show without written notice, the unit will be considered free from the day after arrival.
We suggest to settle your account the day before departure. Cashier’s service: 7.30 AM to 9.30 PM.
Payments can be made in cash (the amount admissible by law) or by Visa and MasterCard.
Confirmation of the booking implies acceptance of the general terms and conditions.
Whoever wishes to stay in this Resort must have the authorization from the management. A passport or Identity Card must be supplied for every person wishing to stay. A requirement by law for the purpose of registration. Persons not authorized by the management run the following risks:
- Violation of the Public Security Law;
- Violation of the Residence Law. 614 cp;
- Violation of the trespassing Law. 633 cp;
- Violation of the Larceny Law. 624 cp;
- Fraud conviction.
Access to the resort, even for daily visitors, is subject to the issue by the group leader of a self-certification on compliance with the anti-Covid-19 measures by the whole family / group.
The Clients are responsible for the accuracy of the registration and must inform the Management of any mistake and any variation of the number of persons in the party.
Minors (< 18 years) are not accepted on their own. They must be accompanied by and stay with their parents or legal guardians, who are responsible for ensuring that they observe and respect the Resort rules.
Adults are responsible for their own children’s behaviour and they must respect the peace, security and hygiene of the other guests.
For all accommodation units the payment of a deposit is required in cash. The deposit covers damage to the accommodation unit, the furniture and the inventory.
The Management reserves itself the right to allow daily visits and guests for short periods only - this being compatible with organizational needs. If the Management finds visitors staying for prolonged periods, payment according to the pricelist is requested. Visitors may only enter the Resort on foot and during daytime. Clients must ensure that their guests have entrance permission from the Management and must take all responsibility for their guests once they are inside the Resort.
Cars and motor vehicles can only be used to enter and leave the Resort during the hours permitted by the Management. Driving is only allowed at slow speed, respecting all traffic signs.
At all times bad behaviour, games, activities and use of equipment, which could cause disturbance to other holidaymakers, is not allowed.
The use of sport equipment is at the users own risk. The use of the swimming pools is only allowed during opening times. It is forbidden to swim when pools are closed and unguarded and the Direction takes no responsibility. Access to the swimming pool is subject to acceptance and compliance with the Pool Area Regulations, available at reception and affixed on site.
Dogs are not allowed and in all accommodation units, no kinds of domestic animals are permitted.
It is also forbidden:
-        To throw rubbish anywhere apart from the correct containers;
-        To barbecue;
-        To damage plants and trees.
The Resort takes particular care over separated waste collection. Throughout the resort, there are recycling areas and numerous bins, which guests are kindly asked to use correctly.
All articles found in the Resort must be handed in to the Management office in accordance with Italian law.
The Resort accepts no responsibility for:
- theft of any article of value not handed in to the Management;
- damage to goods by other guests, natural disasters, insects, illness and any other problem.
To avoid any delays on the day of departure, guests are advised to settle their bill on the day prior to departure. Guests who have reserved and already paid for their stay through a tour operator should preferably check out, pay for any extras and the Tourist Tax, on the day prior to their departure. In case of departure after 10 AM the client will be billed an additional night. The Management reserves itself the right to check apartments and to charge the client damages caused to the apartment.
As a form of prevention, we recommended all our guests:
-       to respect the interpersonal distance of 1 m from those who are not part of one’s family and to wear a protective mask outside of their  apartment when this distance cannot be respected;
-       not to use, in respect of the other guests, the external furniture of the apartments other than one’s own;
-       to respect the Village signs, especially in regards to the maximum number of people allowed on the premises and the routes to follow:
-       to take care of the cleaning and sanitization of one’s apartment, with particular attention to external furniture.
-       to take care of hand hygiene with frequent hand washing with soap or sanitizing gel.
The Management reserves itself the right to expel anyone from the Resort who in anyway disregards the rules or does not allow the peaceful enjoyment of the holiday of the other guests. Those who have been expelled from the Resort cannot return unless they have the specific authorization of the Management.

Visitors 10.00 - 22.00
Arrivals 6.00 - 22.00
Departures before 10.00
Reception 7.30 - 22.00
Cashier’s service 7.30 - 21.30
Supermarket 8.00 - 12.00 15.00 - 19.00
Restaurant - Bar 8.00 - 23.00
The entrance to the Resort implies acceptance and full observance of the above stated regulations, to which the management can add additional rules at any time, if considered necessary for a better service.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy your Holiday at Belvedere Village!

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